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Benefits Of Pool Removal in Dallas

Removing a pool in Dallas can significantly increase your property’s value, sometimes by a substantial margin. It also creates the opportunity for further property enhancements or extensions, adding even more value. Beyond the financial benefits, removing a pool reduces liability risks and maintenance chores, freeing you from the constant upkeep and safety concerns associated with pool ownership.

Why Choose Lone Star Pool Removals in Dallas?

Selecting Lone Star Pool Removals for your Dallas pool removal project means partnering with a team that values efficiency, quality, and meticulous attention to detail. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver excellent service, ensuring that your pool removal is conducted smoothly and your backyard is ready for enjoyment without delay.

Pool Removal Services by Lone Star Pool Removals in Dallas

Regardless of your pool’s size or the specific removal services you require, Lone Star Pool Removals is ready to assist in Dallas. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and detail in every project, ensuring a seamless transition for your outdoor space.

Connect With Dallas Pool Removal Experts

If you’re considering pool removal services in Dallas, turn to Lone Star Pool Removals. Our extensive experience and commitment to customer satisfaction make us the ideal choice for helping your family remove an unwanted pool. Contact us today to begin the transformation of your backyard into the beautiful, open space you envision.

Is your family ready to say goodbye to that unused pool? Lone Star Pool Removals offers comprehensive pool removal and demolition services in Dallas, transforming your backyard into a space you’ll love anew. Whether it’s filling in the pool with dirt or opting for a complete removal, our experienced team is prepared to handle your needs. Serving Dallas, Lone Star Pool Removals is committed to providing local homeowners with exceptional pool removal services.

The Different Types Of Pool Removal

In Dallas, homeowners can choose between two primary pool removal options, each with its distinct advantages. A partial pool removal is more budget-friendly and quicker, whereas a full pool removal, though pricier, offers more extensive benefits. Below are further details on these options:

Partial Pool Removal

This process includes draining the pool, demolishing the pool deck, and backfilling the area with dirt. It’s an efficient way to save time and money but may not offer the full benefits of a complete removal. Some homeowners may attempt this as a DIY project, but without proper execution, it could pose risks.

Full Pool Removal

Opting for a full pool removal means completely demolishing the concrete pool structure, removing the debris, and filling the resultant hole with dirt. This option, while more expensive, provides significant advantages, such as potentially not needing to disclose the removal when selling your home and more space for planting due to better root development opportunities for trees and other vegetation.

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Our dedication to fair pricing ensures we offer superior services for swimming pool removal, partnering with esteemed contractors to ensure that every customer receives unmatched value for their investment in reclaiming or repurposing their outdoor space.


Our commitment centers on providing an outstanding pool removal experience to each customer. We pledge to respond to your questions, arrive on time, and complete our promises with the accuracy and reliability you deserve.


We remove swimming pools day in and day out, we have acquired in-depth knowledge of the industry, covering every detail and subtlety involved in the process.


Your investment is safeguarded with our lifetime warranty, Should any problems occur, we are dedicated to resolving them to your satisfaction.



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